Ice Hockey

First Row posts a lot of sports related videos on their website from different YouTube channels. Thus, they direct their fans to those channels from their website. The YouTube channel for ice hockey is known as NHL. The subscribers of the channel are 985k which is definitely a lot. They play ice hockey matches and also talk shows which are related to that. They have great highlights of matches uploaded on their channel. They have a live hockey TV which gives breaking new, analysis and statistics and is known as The live hockey TV is available on This channel is definitely a delight for all the ice hockey lovers.

Having a YouTube Channel benefits you and your viewer. We have a lot of channels available online like food recipe, travel, music, education, business, and even sports. For us, having to watch Sports live is a privilege, but having no chance to watch live, YouTube channels come in handy. And we’re going to discuss about Ice Hockey YouTube channels as we go on.

Ice Hockey is one of the sports that excites you and bring all our emotions uncovered throughout the game. Since it is played on ice, where rink is the usual setting, the team with the faster pacing and more goal scoring wins, the more you get excited about it.
Now here’s some Ice Hockey YouTube Channels that you can watch anytime you want.

IIHF Worlds 2018

IIHF Worlds 2018 started its YouTube Channel last April 21, 2006. It has now reached, as of September 2018, 131,225 subscribers and 50,044,821 views. In this channel you’ll be able to watch IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship 2018 live from Denmark that featured last May 4 and 20 of the year. You’ll be able to watch live games they have covered, some game highlights from the team and members, some interviews of players, some top catch of the game, the goals with the most amazing hook, and some more. They also provide Fan Survey for a chance to win two tickets in the 2019 preliminary round game. It has mainly three playlists available – first, is the Created Playlists, where you will be able to watch full games, highlights, team presentations, postgame interviews, top plays, and team journeys; second, is the 2017 & 2018 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship Division I Group A & B, where here you’ll be able to view full games and highlights; and third, the #IIHFWorlds 2017, same as Created Playlist, but with live videos and throwback videos. You can find out more of this channel here:


NHL YouTube Channel brings you its official channel for the National Hockey League. It all started last October 26, 2006 and now it has reached 988,028 subscribers and 647,338,507 views as of September 2018. NHL post an average of 17 videos a week. You’ll be able to watch some recap of the game, highlights of victory, season previews, some guest appearance in game, and many more. You can also check its two playlists Created Playlist and All Playlist, where other than one Ice Hockey game, you can also view country’s compilations, about pets and pucks, winter classics, some tricks and more that you can find here:

International Ice Hockey Federation

Joined last December 18, 2006 with a recent result of 17,068 subscribers and 6,998,059 views, this channel never fail to amuse its audience. You can find here some interviews, game highlights, videos during practices and can also be viewed in their Created Playlist. Recently they’ve posted the 2018 IIHF Ice Hockey Challenge Cup of Asia, and even post short inspiring clips and teasers about Ice Hockey. You can find more videos here:

Champions Hockey League

Being able to join 3 years ago, November 3, 2018, YouTube Channel of Champions Hockey League never missed posting videos and letting their audience updated with the League. Videos of game highlights, greetings, some bad and good news, though mostly of the channel has many postgame interviews with players, scorer, and captain. And now they have reached 9,412 subscribers and 2,482,938 views. For tuning in for more videos, you can also check their Created Playlist, and other than what’s mentioned earlier, they have posted videos of throwbacks, behind the scenes, club introductions, top saves during the game, and many more that you can catch here:

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