Thanks to the ever-changing technology that has made lives very simple and convenient to the whole world. The evolution of watching TV programs have come the long way with most of the current states making life more interesting. The world now has a better way to balance their time taking control of what they watch and their own free time. The numbers have also not limited the choice as the majority of options are now available hence you have full control and choice of what to watch.

Today you can get updates and live TV right from your handset whether you have a smartphone or a tablet. You, therefore, don’t have to cancel your meetings half way or rush home to catch up with your latest program instead your smartphone can serve better.

The future of watching TV is therefore fully dependent on the internet and the connection to the internet is slowly becoming a basic need. It’s important for the TV station to take their channels online for live streaming a way that will increase the number of viewers. Online live streaming has received positive adoption with major live TV stations listed below now available legally for all.

Top Live TV streaming websites


The popularity of YuppTV has tremendously grown to make it one of the most viewed internet based TV. Most of the content offered on the TV are tailor-made to viewers beyond the bounder of India. Different exclusive privileges are occasionally given to YuppTV making it very strategic for different games loves.

The TV Catch UP

Live TV in the UK has been elevated higher by TVCatchup. The channel offers more options to those looking for live content and had caused a lot of competition among the streaming sites. From the live site, users can create a calendar that will enable them to view all their favorite programs.

The Xfinity

Xfinity takes the lead when it comes to the number of shows that are offered for the viewers. Using Xfinity is simple as it comes in form of App hence very strategic to those who enjoy streaming different shows. With Xfinity, you have the choice either to subscribe and enjoy more content or enjoy the free package.

Link TV

You are able to enjoy a variety of the high-quality programs from any part of the world once you chose Link TV. The site is unique and focuses on international news and different cultures in the world.


Even though most of the program isn’t taken to be fully modern, the channel has a great of support for overseas US employees. There are a lot of shows that can be enjoyed and the site’s platform can be accessed from different devices.

The Sling TV

Though Sling TV requires users to subscribe before they enjoy the content, it offers some of the best shows. Nature and the stable state makes it perfect and recommended for those who enjoy online television.

Hulu TV

Hulu has transformed from the free site and now requires users to subscribe before they enjoy the exclusive content. The positive feedback that has been seen by the users has made the site one of the greatest threat in terms of competition.

BBC iPlayer

With the popularity of BBC and its known branding, the introduction of the digital BBC iPlayer has presented a lot of freedom. All that is aired on BBC are also availed on the on iPlayer hence very popular.


You simply need your smart device to access all the 78 channels that are available on TVPlayer. Once you get started with the site, you have the full control to continue to cancel the subscription.